Saturday, October 01, 2005

Valerie Plame & the CIA
If you've listened to NPR in the past 24 hours, or read any Mainstream Newspaper, you know that NYTimes reporter Judith Miller was released from jail for finally divulging a source. What you will not hear or read is anything close to the truth of the matter in question. Of all the things that have made me yell at the radio this past month this has been one of them. ('Cause, you see, I've been in the car alot, listened to NPR alot, and there's so very much to yell about these days.)

If you're at all interested in reading a clearly written post about why you might not want to believe everything you hear regarding the venerable Ms. Miller, read this post. At the very least, this episode gives a very clear picture of the unclarity one receives from the NYTimes, et. al.

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