Saturday, October 01, 2005

Opening Week this week for our Carts. (I'm not writing "D*sp**r Carts" so as to keep people from ending up here googling for such things.) Walter and I will install our first one tonight, then two more Sunday night. Here are some pictures from our set-up at The Shops at La Cantera a few weeks ago. The final one being everything up and running, with our first Cart employee.

As you can see, the carts we had at La Cantera were more temporary than anything else. They called them "Weekend Units." We called them "Mini-Me"s. The stuff we're opening this week will be at least twice the size of these, with about three times the amount of internal storage.

An Apple Store they're not, but I'd say they'll be a fine first test for D*sp**r in a retail setting.

Update: And, to beat all you smart alecs to the punch, our employee is the one wearing the Frownie Shirt, not the guy with the glasses walking through the picture.

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