Saturday, November 19, 2005

Favorite Blogs of WSJ-types. Wednesday's issue of the WSJ had some "favortie blog" articles. Here are a few that caught my eye.

Regarding real estate,,, and got nods.

Health care: and

Digital content:

Here's one for Lindsay that deals with television issues: Mediabistro.

The tech writer for the WSJ, Walter Mossberg, also listed his favorites:

one for "general gadget lovers"; one for "serious techies", with which I think some of you are familiar (;

a blog by David Gillmor, "a former newspaper columnist and champion of 'grass roots journalism';"

one on cellphones, Phone Scoop;

digital cameras, Digital Camera Resource Page; and

iPod lovers, iLounge;

People who follow Microsoft have two top sites in Mossberg's book, one by a Microsoft employee, Robert Scoble, and another by a stock analyst, Joe Wilcox.

Mossberg notes that there are a bunch of blogs by people who follow Apple, and he lists several. The one he cites that sounds most interesting to me is Crazy Apple Rumors.

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