Monday, November 14, 2005

Starbucks Bluetooth Declamation Dance. I walked into SBs this morning, so I can stand in line and over-pay for hypercaffienated/wayacidic brew. As I walk in, I notice a young man standing at one end of the Starbucks, the end at which I am entering, talking out loud. I see a man sitting near him at the window. Is that the person to whom he is talking? As I walk by him, I realize he isn't; he has a thingee in his ear on the other side of his head, which I couldn't see at first, and he is talking on his cellphone. He does not hold the phone in his hand. I am embarrassed to say that this misled me. I am so yesterday with tech.

I walk to the other end of the Starbucks and get in line. This guy is not only talking so loud that we all can hear him at our end, but he is doing a little minuet. He looks straight out, then he bends slightly over at the waist, then he straightens up, then he walks in a circle, sort of jiggling up and down, as he waits for his doublecaf, bigcalorie Mocha or whatever, booming his plans for the day.

People like this present one of the few reasons that banning concealed hand-guns might be a good thing.

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