Saturday, November 19, 2005

More Hurricane Wilma Photos The last set generated so much excitement, that we decided to post a few more.

This is the west side of One Biscayne Tower, the building where we officed for five years and which is just east of our present office.

The white marble stucture is an artwork/child's slide in Bayfront Park that the kids are familiar with. The winds blew part of it down. Bayfront Park is downtown, along Biscayne Boulevard.

This is also of Bayfront Park, at the north end. The picture shows the roof at the rear of the amphitheater in shreds.

Here we are back in Miami Springs. A huge ficus tree is down, its roots pulling up the sidewalk. A guy often mistaken for Lance Armstrong got into this picture with his bike.

This looks east on Dove Avenue from a point in the street directly in front of our house. A large black olive tree was pushed over and blocks the street. Just beyond it had been another of those trees that blew down in Katrina, and now this one in Wilma.

This is the Lahmeyer's house, one-half block west of us on Dove Avenue. Van and Juliet are the minister of our church and his wife. We had some joint suppers together during the troubles.

This is taken from our side yard, looking southwest toward the Simpson's house.

This is taken from the northeast corner of our house, looking into the front yard of our neighbors. Our neighbor has already cut back the branches from the fractured tree that you see in the picture.

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