Sunday, November 06, 2005

Je Ne Sais Pas
Dad links a good article below about the riots in France. (Thanks, Padre!) I've cherry-picked the money paragraph below:
The notion that Texas neocon arrogance was responsible for frosting up trans-Atlantic relations was always preposterous, even for someone as complacent and blinkered as John Kerry. If you had millions of seething unassimilated Muslim youths in lawless suburbs ringing every major city, would you be so eager to send your troops into an Arab country fighting alongside the Americans? For half a decade, French Arabs have been carrying on a low-level intifada against synagogues, kosher butchers, Jewish schools, etc. The concern of the political class has been to prevent the spread of these attacks to targets of more, ah, general interest. They seem to have lost that battle. Unlike America's Europhiles, France's Arab street correctly identified Chirac's opposition to the Iraq war for what it was: a sign of weakness.

I think he makes a good point, even if his rhetoric is a bit over-the-top.

A question for Sean, who is one of Thomas Barnett's web-editors: But France is "Core"! How does this fit in the TPMB Cosmology?

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