Tuesday, May 23, 2006

"24" Over for the Season. At Last. "24" closed out the season with 2 episodes last night. It has been a long time since Carol and I have been involved with a television show. A long time. (I think it was the Forsythe Saga in the early '70s). Most of those Monday night sessions, I have been glued to the screen. Carol, however, is in and mostly out of the den, because it is just too stressful for her. She reports in during the commercials and I bring her up to date.

I have to say that it was clever how Logan is tricked into spilling the beans. But we never thought he was too smart anyway. His character was so well done, smarmy, oily, give that guy an Emmy. Sutherland, I'm sorry, he's a pretty wooden guy, and it is beyond me why he is such a successful actor. But a good shot.

It will be fine to wait till next year to see what happens. I am hoping they will bring back that lovely woman with whom the Sutherland character had breakfast at the beginning of the season.

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