Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Mr. Davidson Training Update
Did I mention that at the last Mr. Davidson competition I couldn't complete the mile run? It's true. Not only that, but I about threw up after staggering off the track. (Had Walter been in my place, I have no doubt that he would have, in fact, thrown up and then promptly started running again. This is just another one of the interesting ways that he and I are different.)

So this time around, I'm going to be ready. For one thing, this time I'm actually going to eat breakfast before the competition. (It's the most important meal of the day! And by important, I mean first.) For another, I'm going to be in super-duper running shape. So, for example, I've been more-or-less keeping up with my running these days. Yesterday I had singular (for me) experience: at about mile 2.5 of a 4 mile run, all of a sudden I had the urge to run faster. Normally, I run pretty within myself and don't really "push it." I figure I'm out running: that's "pushing it" enough. Besides, I generally have a strong desire to "finish" my runs by running all the way back to where I started. I'm always careful to reserve enough energy to do so.

But yesterday it was as if my legs were trying to get free and so I lenghened my stride and picked up the pace. It was really wonderful, and I had a two thoughts at once: "Woah, this is so fun!" and "Woah, this is so bizarre, I can't believe I'm actually willfully running faster." Sure enough, I ran out of gas fairly quickly and had to walk several blocks before getting back to the start, but it didn't matter yesterday. It was a kind of Chariots of Fire Moment.

The other thing I'm doing is kettlebells. That's right, comrade, I've drunk the kool-aid and am now throwing these things around with Walter. And people? It's awesome. I am going to totally rock these events by the time they roll around. Ya hear me Davidson Peeps? I'm bringin' it!

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