Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Deserving of its own post: Thug U
Alex writes: I'm looking for my favorite Miami Hurricanes fans to post something about the big brawl over the weekend. What, you think we care more about IJM stuff than we do about college football??

Paul responds: It's embarrassing. I am talking about the score, of course.

Macon quips: Yeah, only winning by 35 points is unacceptable. Thug U? Bring it on.

I caught the local (Charlotte, NC) sports radio show, where they ripped Coker, the team and the ACC. Regarding the latter, they pondered, as do I, how the ACC can promote sportsmanship in their cute promos during games and only hand out one-game suspensions, which for Miami players means not playing against Duke, who is now glad basketball season is here. The brawl was classless, tasteless and pathetic. Coker's and the school's response (to date) are equally shameful. If I had any inclination to root for Miami, I now have none.

BTW, If a similar event happened at South Carolina, Spurrier would kick the offenders off the team.

Bring it on, indeed.

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