Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sunday Morning.

Sean has a neat link to the history of the Middle-East in maps.

In the "Walter-is-surely-Carol's-son-department", we went to see Little Miss Sunshine at the Shoppes at Sunset last night, and I have never heard Carol laugh so much at a movie.

Browsed at Borders before the movie. Lots of new books attacking in one way or another the Bush administration and our foreign policy: one sign among many that the country is healthy.

Spoke to Mary yesterday, using the cheap phone card approach. She took some of the students and went on a service project picking up trash along roads beyond the school. Keeping in line with the customs there (in the country, not so much the school), she wore a skirt. Last weekend I picked up two books at the library to read, in preparation for our trip to Kenya: Robert B. Edgerton, Mau Mau an African Crucible and Elizabeth Isichei, A History of Christianity in Africa From Antiquity to the Present. I browsed a bit in these yesterday, and neither is very friendly to AIM or the missionary enterprise. The author of School in the Clouds refers to these and other titles in his footnotes, and I have used his references as a bibliography for further reading.

Finished the second of the three PC ("printed circuit") boards of the Elecraft K2 yesterday, so I am back into that project, after taking the summer off. The first board was the Control Board. The second one, the one I just finished, is the Front Panel board. The third one is the largest and most complicated, the RF Board, here and here. I should be able to start on the third board today, after checking the resistance values at various points on the second board to be sure I did everything right.

Did someone else see the announcement by Blogger that they will be seriously reducing the functionalit of their blog? I didn't understand it, but I'm concerned.

The weather has turned relatively cool and less humid. Welcome, Fall!!

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