Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Friday Night Lights. First Episode. Every football cliche, every high school stereotype, elegantly assembled with compelling actors and good writing. All right!

More on this: Are head coaches so focused on the first string that they have no idea about their backups? Maybe this sort of thing happens in high school. You have no idea of a young person's potential, until he or she is cast into a crisis with which they simply must contend. As I think about this element of the show, I am led to consider the extent of human potential, and with regard to a given person, how we tend to under-rate it in most cases. So maybe this part of the story has some credibility and usefulness.

What about the Christianity in the story? I thought it was handled rather well for something out of MSM. When it came up, I started to cringe, but then relaxed when I saw how the dialog went. Maybe the writers are setting us up, however. (Call that Evangelical Paranoia.)

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