Friday, January 16, 2009

"De-Friend" for a Whopper? What a Bad Idea!

Maybe most Facebook fans already know this, but I didn't know until today that Burger King had a promotion under which a Facebook member would get a free Whopper for "de-friending" 10 others. The WSJ reported that BK "pulled the plug on the campaign," which it launched on January 5. The article reports that "thousands of members jilted each other for burgers."

There are some really deep implications to this, don't you think? Or maybe people are so busy on Facebook that don't have time to fix dinner.

Doug recently asked me to be his friend. Do you suppose he would dump me for a burger?


Lindsay said...

I don't get it. Where in the world would that idea come from?

Anonymous said...

Dump Paul for a Whataburger, Of course I wouldn't what a terrible thing to do to a friend. Uh by the way that didn't include fries did it?

Paul Stokes said...

No. It. Didn't.

Anonymous said...

I mean like I wouldn't even dump a friend for a Whataburger Meal, course we're not talking double meat right?