Monday, January 19, 2009

Hannah and Joe Got Married!

This morning, at a wedding that began at 10AM, Hannah Carr and Joe Lahmeyer were married at our church. Hannah is Abby's big sister, and Joe is our pastor's son. (Hannah and Abby are daughters of my friend Austin. Austin also has a son, Cody, who was there too, and read the scripture.) Joe's grandparents from California (near Bakersfield) are staying with us for the wedding.

Hannah and Joe are at UCF and active in InterVarsity, and a bunch of their friends came down, along with the staff person there. The wedding celebration more or less started yesterday morning at the regular worship service at our church, continued last night with the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, also at our church, recommenced this morning with the wedding itself, and then adjourned to the Rusty Pelican for a reception and luncheon, overlooking Biscayne Bay on a simply gorgeous South Florida day. We left at about 3:45. (Good thing we had a morning wedding!)

I sang at the wedding, and sort of hid behind the flowers in the choir loft. At the reception one of the people I met there said, "Oh, you are the singer! You did well. In fact, my daughter asked me if it was a recording." That was NICE! Anyway, I did OK, and sang "How Beautiful" by Twila Paris. One of Macon's friends sang that song at Macon and Kellsey's wedding, which is where I got the idea. (Hannah asked me for suggestions on the music.) The congregation also sang "Great is Thy Faithfulness," which I had suggested to Hannah and Joe after hearing it sung so beautifully at Meredith's wedding.

Ed Sagi played the piano at Hannah's wedding. He is an old friend, and was in my class at Hialeah High School. He also was our music director at FPCMS nearly 20 years ago, when we had a choir and an organ. At HHS we had a big drama department, and our senior year it mounted an unforgettable production of Oklahoma!, and Ed played Curly. He did a fantastic job. Even in twelfth grade he had this wonderful baritone voice. Ed went on to be a high school music teacher, and I think he did about everything: band, chorus, you name it. He is really fun to sing with, because he knows vocal production and he knows how to deal with amateurs - and he is a teacher.

It was a great day!

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