Sunday, January 11, 2009

Recent Days in the Life...

So, on Christmas Day, Honor was very sick with pneumonia. Poor Girl!

Aidan, who had also had pneumonia, was feeling much better by Christmas as he had had two penicillin shots in his legs to arrest the process of the infection. As you can tell, he is quite ready to enjoy his new Christmas goodies! (this is a Bow and Mallow, affectionately termed a "marshmallow gun").

Here is a pic of Honor with Mommy after she had received three new clippies from her Nanna and Grandaddy. She looks better, but she's still looking sick.

Next we have a photo of Aidan from this afternoon. I swear, he looks like he is eleven in this picture. It freaks me out when he ages many years in a photo, something which is happening pretty often these days.
Last we have a pic of Honor sporting cutie pig tails and wearing a new clippy that her mommy made for her. What fun! She is looking so much better than her first pneumonia-fied pic (and even worse, she developed an ear infection on top of that the day after being diagnosed with pneumonia.) Seriously, people, we are very happy to be healthy around here!


Lindsay said...

Yea, MS Fam pictures! Love the piggies on Miss Honor!

Paul Stokes said...

So glad they (and you) are feeling better, Kellsey!