Saturday, June 27, 2009

"Definitely Ideal for Senior Citizens or those with Disabilities" BINGO!

I am abandoning my Palm Treo as my mobile phone. It does a good job of synching Time Matters, but it is awful as a phone. At least so it is for me, as one who is increasingly challenged by electronic devices (not to mention . . . life). The little keyboard is simply too small for my fingers, I have difficulty making calls when I want to, I inadvertantly make calls when I don't want to, and I am always challenged when a call comes in about how, exactly, one answers the phone. You also have to take the battery out of it to turn it completely off. I am going to keep it as an old fashioned PDA, but good-bye to the phone "capability."

So, what is my new mobile phone? The new iPhone? Blackberry?

The Pantech Breeze. As CNET reports:

The Pantech Breeze is definitely ideal for senior citizens and those with disabilities . . .

It has BIG KEYS. That's the main thing. And the keys "click." It turns off on its own. It has three buttons at the top for speed dialing. There is a button dedicated to "answering" a call. There is a button dedicated to "ending" a call (which I once knew as "hanging up" but I am carrying a card around that reminds me that "ending" means "hanging up." The only difficulty with the "ending" key is that its symbol is in the color red, so I can't see the symbol. But I will remember it as the "blank" button.) I think this will work for me.

This phone has other interesting features. Chief among them is that when I am next with my children, I will be able to take the phone out when they are with their friends, and be able to embarrass them. I hope to first do this at a Starbucks or a Whole Foods Store.

The CNET review of the phone linked to above has the phone in white. Mine is in gray. That just seemed right to me.

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