Thursday, June 18, 2009

Healthy Journey Onward

Going here tonight with some friends.


Scott said...

okay- I have to admit I am suspicious of any place that makes dessert out of brown rice.

Paul Stokes said...

The dessert I had (not the brown rice one) was only average. It was as if the cook tried to make up in sweetness and a sort of richness whatever it was he or she had to take out of the recipe to make it "vegan." I had a sort of "ugh" feeling when I finished it, and it wasn't a lot. However, the main course, a "special" with some sort of tofu and vegetables, was delicious. As you can tell, we've gotten pretty serious about all this. You need to readh "The China Study." Really.

Scott said...

In full disclosure and to give proper credit, the initial comment was from Rachelle, who is committed to eating "pesca vegetarian," that is, vegetarian including fish. She's intrigued with your diet choices and is inspired by them.

Me? I'm sticking with my raw meat and beer.

All the best.