Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sizing up Western New York

We were talking to Sam and Lisa Reyes at our church a week or so ago. They and their four children have been part of our congregation for the least five years, while Sam was doing an ENT residency at the University of Miami Medical School. Sam went to the University of Buffalo Medical School and met Lisa during that period - she was a med student too, and her family is from Buffalo. Now they are moving back to Buffalo, where Sam will join an ENT group there. We hate to see them go, but we were talking to them about the sights in their part of NY, as Mary will not be far away from Buffalo when she goes to the University of Rochester medical school.

Sam and Lisa said that they were avid campers in NY and their favorite place to go was Letchworth State Park. The park looks very attractive, and it's not far from Rochester.

They also said that on almost every camping trip to Letchworth, they were sure to make a visit to the Valley Inn in Warsaw, NY, where there's a great chef. The Valley Inn is a bed-and-breakfast, and looks like it would be a great jumping off place to Letchworth State Park if one were not intending to camp.

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