Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blogger Cracking?

Ann Alhouse is having trouble with Blogger and thinking of migrating away from this member of Google's family (empire?). Kith & Kin is on Blogger too, of course.

I noticed several months ago that the "search" function now goes back only a year or so, which I believe is the same problem (or one of the problems) that Althouse mentions. I will have to consult the brain trust, Macon, Walter, Mary, and Sean.


Sean Meade said...

interesting. i haven't noticed any of this stuff, but i'm using it so casually these days...

i think WordPress is universally regarded as the top free weblog platform these days. all of my experiences with it have been positive.

but if my lazy self was you, i'd just try to find a fix/patch/work-around for the search problem and let everything else percolate :-)

Paul Stokes said...

A man after man own heart, Sean!