Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bramwell, Netflix, Roku

Carol and I have enjoyed the transformation of Netflix into a sort of selective cable channel that is very inexpensive. Not only are there movies, but also older television series and among those series best of all are the Masterpiece Theater productions. Before starting a family, Carol and I were avid viewers of MP, when Alistair Cook introduced each episode. That was during the 70s, but as we became busier and busier, MP went by the way, as did TV itself, finally

But now here we are again, the two of us. With Netflix feeding into our TV set via Roku, we are catching up on 30 years of Masterpiece Theater.

Just now I viewed the first episode of Bramwell, a series about a young woman physician in London at the turn of 20th Century, making her way against the prejudice and ignorance of the male dominated profession. The first episode, hugely dramatic, was very entertaining. I can't watch any more of the episodes until Carol gets home from her weekend trip to Austin, and will go back and watch the first one again with her. This will be a series we will both enjoy. (Just don't tell Mary that the protagonist is a surgeon.)

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mary said...

Sorry, already through Bramwell season 1 and on to 2. I'm just exceedingly glad to be operating in the era of double gloves and scrub gowns, and of a higher regard for female surgeons.