Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Raymond E. Brown, S.S., Ph.D

The preceding post, at it indicates, is an excerpt of a passage from Fr. Brown's first volume on the Gospel of John. The book's back cover describes him as "internationally regarded as a dean of New Testament Scholars." Wikipedia has a helpful entry on this author.

I had been looking for books to help me with our new study of the Gospel of John. Last week, in preparing for the first lesson, I used the web version of the NET Bible as a resource. One of its footnotes cited Brown, and I tracked him down. The First Edition of the NET Bible that Micki gave me includes Brown's two-volume work on the Gospel in its "List of Cited Works" on page 2463. I find it fascinating that the people who produced the NET Bible, a translation effort so closely connected with DTS, would be citing Brown, given his Roman Catholic background and his historical-critical approach: not only fascinating but commendable. I think I have found my reference books for this study.

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