Friday, September 09, 2011

The French are Coming! Actually, they are already here.

At our Friday morning breakfast today, one of our number told us about a young French family that is buying a home near the Indian Creek area of Miami Beach. He said that a growing enclave of French ex-patriates exists in that area, especially of Parisians, who are leaving home on account of worsening crime in the city and the weakening Euro.

The immigration trends I have observed in Miami over the last 55 years have been a sort of rotation of peoples from among Latin American countries, from Cuba first (and then again and again), then Nicaragua, El Salvador, Brazil from time time time although not now of course, Columbia, Argentina, and, since Chavez, Venezuela. Now I believe we are beginning to see the flight of the middle and professional classes from Europe, a trend that I would think will widen.

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