Saturday, September 24, 2011

GOP Stalwart Ros-Lehtinen Co-Sponsors "Respect for Marriage Act"

This legislation would repeal the Defense of Marriage Act. Representative Ros-Lehtinen voted for DOMA, which Herald columnist Fabioloa Santiago calls an "anti-gay measure," when that legislation was enacted in 1996.

As Santiago writes:

[W]hat a difference 15 years and parenting a child who is a member of the gay, lesbian and transgender community has made. In the last several years, Ros-Lehtinen has become a significant advocate of gay rights and her leadership, advocates say, has been crucial.

For Ros-Lehtinen, the move has been gradual, thoughtful, and painfully personal. Her daughter Amanda publicly came out as a transgender man named Rodrigo; he’s (sic) field organizer for the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

On Friday, Ros-Lehtinen’s approach to her sponsorship was low-key. She declined to give interviews on her evolution on the issue of gay rights, saying she had too full an agenda, and her office didn’t issue a press release on her sponsorship of the bill but pointed to the release of others announcing it.

I like Ros-Lehtenin. She's a decent, hard-working Congressperson. I sympathize with her. A beloved member of my extended family is caught in this lifestyle, and I'm sure many families deal with this heart-breaking matter. The un-culture is toxic, and it grinds up people, young and old, marriages, politics, churches, almost everything it sometimes seems. But seemingly almost, I am careful to say. A redemptive force moves upon it. Maranatha!

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