Sunday, November 11, 2012

"A child's sad death in a nursing home."

Marie Freyre died in the care of a $506-per-day nursing home — sobbing, shaking and screaming for her real home.

She never saw her Minnie Mouse plush toy, her Winnie the Pooh or her Cabbage Patch Kids again. She never again saw her Mami or her Abuela

Marie had been taken to the Florida Club Care Center against her mother’s wishes. Social workers insisted the Miami Gardens nursing home was the safest place for the 14-year-old, who suffered from, among other things, cerebral palsy and seizures. But the evening Marie arrived, records show, nurses did not give her life-sustaining medications and she may have had no food except applesauce.

When Marie struggled to breathe in the two hours before she died, no one at the nursing home called a doctor.

-from today's Miami Herald.

It's not a "sad death," as the headline states.  It is an outrageous death.

This was on the front page, above the crease of this morning's print edition.  This sort of story is why I continue to subscribe to the Herald despite its enormously annoying editorial policy in so many other respects.  Now and then their reporters turn over a rock with some really awful stuff living underneath.

The Florida Bar News is already onto this problem.

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