Friday, November 23, 2012

Grandparents, Carlos M. and Audrey J. Hemperley

Kenneth Whitehead, the Curator of the East Point [GA] Historical Society, very kindly sent me this photo of the parents of Juanita, my mother, apparently taken on June 30, 1919.  My grandfather, Carlos Mason Hemperley, born July 14, 1901, would have been just shy of 18 years of age, when he married Audrey Atrue Jordan, (March 13, 1902 - February 1, 1949).  I am not sure right now of their exact wedding date, but they married very young, as was the custom in that family.  (Audrey's mother, Nancy R. Della Lanford Jordan, my "Gramma Jordan," married at age 16.)  My mother was born November 17, 1920.  Her brother, Carlos M. Hemperley, Jr. was born in 1919.

Here is what Kenneth Whitehead wrote me in an email about this photo:

Lillie Ruth Hemperley Stewart, the sister of your grandfather Carlos Mason Hemperley Sr., [to whom my mother referred as "Aunt Lill"] donated over 600 photos to the East Point Historical Society a number of years ago. They apparently were taken from 1918 until the early 1920s. They were put away in a scrapbook and I recently found them and started scanning them. That way, we have permanent copies in our records and CD's, with these photos, will be available for family and friends. Attached is one of these photos.

I am not related to the Hemperley family but my wife is distantly related by marriage. Her cousin, Henry Lipes, married one of Asa Hemperley's granddaughters.

I'm retired and enjoy history and genealogy. I noticed your blog entry December 25, 2007, and figured you might be interested in this part of your family history.

Ken Whitehead

Mr. Whitehead also added this to his email:

You may find these web site locations of interest:

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Thank you, Mr. Whitehead!

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