Sunday, February 20, 2005

But I Never Inhaled.

The DVD of the movie "Super Size Me" has a "bonus" feature, an interview with Eric Schlossser, who wrote "Fast Food Nation". He more recently wrote Reefer Madness, which I am reading right now. Reefer Madness addresses marijuana use, illegal immigrant labor, and the pornography industry. I just finished the section on marijuana.

From the conclusion of that section:

"According to Michael D. Newcomb, a substance abuse expert at the University of Southern California, "Tobacco and alcohol are the most widely used, abused, and deadly druges ingested by teenagers." American children aged eleven to thirteen now drink alcohol almost four times as often as they smoke marijuana. Drug education programs should respect the intelligence of young people by promoting healthy lives without scare tactics, lies, and hyporcrisy. And drug abuse should be treated like alchoholism or nicotine addiction. These are health problems suffered by Americans of every race, creed, and political affiliation, not grounds for imprisonment or the denial of property rights."

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