Monday, February 21, 2005

George Inhaled. We always knew that W smoked marijuana. He never denied it. He just wouldn't talk about it. He thought it was irrelevant to his political gifts and objectives. The tapes confirm what we already knew. Big deal. What concerns me about W these days is (a) why he pushed through the Medicare drug benefit; (b) why he wants to raise the cap on Social Security; and (c) how he goes about deciding who his friends are.

Now we have two Presidents who smoked marijuana during their lifetimes. (I prefer W's approach to dealing with his drug history to Bill's. Come on, Bill. You didn't inhale? Is that like not having sexual relations with that woman? Please.) (And, for that matter, Bill, why didn't you inhale? Why didn't you have sexual relations with that woman? Are you a weenie or what?)

Maybe we should lighten up on pot. I know all sorts of aging Yuppies who are successful people, good family men, who smoked pot at one time or another. If you want to tax something, let's get pot in a position to tax it.

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