Monday, February 21, 2005

Regulating Away the Opportunity for Good.

I meet with a group of Christian lawyers (oxymoron?) every Friday for breakfast and informal Bible study.

In the group is Frank Valladares, who has a busy trial practice but also, with his wife, has a ministry work going in the Dominican Republic. The ministry takes care of orphaned children with birth defects. Its a great work. Frank and his group are doing lots of good. There are set backs from time to time, but everyone is energized. The environment in the Dominican Republic is completely unregulated.

Now switch to Miami.

I had lunch with a financial advisor whose wife works with disabled children in the public school system. She is three years away from retirement and can't wait. She comes home every day, completely worn out. The financial advisor says that most of the time she is dealing with paper work and bureaucracy. The children get whatever time is left-over, which is not much.

We are so regulated around here, we can't even do good, much less do business (which is a good). We are teaching the rest of the world about "free enterprise" and regulating ourselves into paralysis.

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