Thursday, February 10, 2005

Proud of my Partner. My partner, Jane McMillan, took on a pro-bono case last year, under a program that the Dade County Bar Assocation sponsors called "Put Something Back". She had a successful result, and the project coordinator asked her to write a summary of what she did. I have reproduced it below. Jane's a Christian and a blessing to have as a partner. (I have changed the name of the client.)

"You asked for an outline of the case. Mrs. Garcia and her sister came to us for help in getting title to their deceased mother’s house into their names. We opened a probate proceeding so we could publish notice to creditors. Because there were no estate assets other than the homestead and some exempt personal property, we were able to have all claims stricken. We also obtained an Order Determining Homestead in favor or Mrs. Garcia and her sister. Finally, we assisted Mrs. Garcia and her sister in dealing with their mother’s housemate, who made claims concerning both the house and the personal property, in obtaining new homeowners insurance for the house and in dealing with the mortgage company holding the mortgage on the house to forestall foreclosure and obtain a novation agreement for Mrs. Garcia and her sister."

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