Thursday, February 17, 2005

Photoblogging Davidson
This afternoon I attended a Career Services Seminar called "Major Decisions" in which Career Services invites alumni in a particular major to sit on a panel and talk about why they chose that major and how it helps them in their life after college. I was interested to see if any students would show up for such a thing, especially for a major as sexy as Philosophy. As it turned out, there were about nine interested students.

It was a pleasure to talk about the Philosophy Major as it was something I really enjoyed about Davidson. I'm periodically invited to Davidson events: "Local" alumni gatherings in Charlotte, "young" alumni gatherings, ongoing career-development seminars, Lilly Endowment "what-is-vocation" retreats. None of these hold any interest for me. (In fact, it would be difficult for me to care less about them than I currently do.) But here I was driving up to Davidson to sit on a panel in front of nine students to talk about the Philosophy Major. And I was excited about it. Geeky. I know.

Of course, no visit to Fair Davidson is complete without sipping a tasty hot beverage at Summit Coffee. I had an excellent double espresso and shared a table with Mary's friend, Beth, who is wonderful company and engaged to Tim, the proprietor. Among other things we talked about her upcoming wedding, her shiny new iBook, and the glory of picking up the unencrypted WiFi network being broadcast by the Davdison Town Hall down the street. Which, I might add, changes everything. (Incidentally, Beth & Tim raved about AWS Cribs!.)

I took some pictures on my walk over so you could see the campus on a beautiful February day.

To save loading time, I didn't put them all inline. Here are two more:
Old Classrooms

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