Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Dave Seivright and Redeemer PC.

Dave Seivright is a London trained lawyer, born and raised in Jamaica, who came to Christ as a young man and went into "full time Christian service", as folks used to say at Central Baptist Church where I was raised. He has an M.Div., ordained in the PCA, planted a PCA church here Miami-Dade, and for many years under the Campus Crusade umbrella has evangelized and discipled professionals in South Florida and, over the last few years, in Munich to which he commutes from time to time from Miami.

I am on his email list-serve (is that the right terminology?). Here is what he wrote recently.

"Recently in describing our ministry I used the words "genuine relationships, honesty and authenticity" to characterize what God is doing through our ministry both here in Miami and also in Europe. Now I see an article using some of these very same words to describe a new movement of the Holy Spirit in some of the churches.

"My visit to Redeemer Presbyterian Church in NYC in December has proven to be life-changing for me. It was not the old traditional church with forms and structures which seem irrelevant to the young people I hang out with, nor was it the modern entertainment slick seeker-sensitive manipulative program-driven model, but it was something very different which had no frills and seemed to have more emphasis on Worship and the Word ... not being shouted at anyone but being taught in a conversational style which obviously valued relationships and the questioning intellect of the hearers.

"This article captures what God seems to be doing."

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