Sunday, April 30, 2006

Honest Lawyer
Would you give this character a job straight out of the University of Chicago Law School? Apparently someone did.

Thank goodness! Otherwise, we wouldn't have this awesome blog!

Update for context: Dad's got a Law School class reunion coming up & I'm helping him put together a little slideshow for it. So this weekend, I spent some time scanning in photos from the Law School Yearbook. A dangerous thing: giving your son your yearbook, knowing he has a blog. As Kellsey can attest, I laughed for a good ten minutes just because I was thinking about all the things I could photoshop into the "bio" below the picture.

Then I sobered up when I realized that my Middle School Yearbooks are still at my parent's home. And they have a scanner. And they have a blog, too. Ahem.

But I knew that K&Kers would like to see A Portrait Of The Lawyer As A Young Man. And, fyi, the contact information is no longer up to date. The martial marital status, though, is quite up to date.

Updated again for spelling: Because, while his marital status hasn't changed (picky picky!), his martial status surely has changed! As can be seen by the Gun Defense Blog link in the sidebar.

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