Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Stavesacre CD Release

Morgan and I attended Stavesacre's CD release show in Dallas last Friday for How To Live With A Curse.

I thought that my tastes had mellowed some in the last 6 years, but I'm realizing I was just going through a phase. The heaviness has settled back in with a weight that's not to be moved easily, and I'm better for it. Indeed, I listened to the Trustkill Records podcast followed by the Metal Blade Records podcast while I ran for 75 minutes on Saturday. I'd never run that long before at such a pace, but I had found the formula for success--and it had been there all along.

Here's some photos of the show. Please buy the album. You'll be better for it, and I want to make sure Stavesacre's around to make more music for me.

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