Wednesday, April 19, 2006

This Morning's Walk
This morning I took Aidan for a walk through Big Stacy Park. It is called Big Stacy because it is larger than Little Stacy Park. Big Stacy is mostly a walking/jogging trail underneath the canopy of beautiful old gnarly oak trees. It also has a large pool that is open for free all year round. It is spring fed by a warm spring so it is not cold even in the winter. It's not so warm that it feels like a hot tub, though. Little Stacy has a large playground with a couple of different sections. There is a wading pool for tots, a toddler playscape, baby swings, normal swings, a tennis court, and a playscape for 5 years old and older. I did not make it all the way to Little Stacy today, but I took some pictures of Big Stacy while we walked.

This is the entrance to Big Stacy.

The rest of the images are just from different points along the way.

So, for any of you considering moving to Austin, may I suggest living in the Travis Heights area so you, too, may indulge yourself in the Stacy parks?

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