Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Bench is Not that Deep. Van will not be at church tomorrow. Still on vacation. Nor will Donna, the heart and soul of the Praise Team. But with them gone for the second Sunday in a row, I am up there singing away. I have to say that I enjoy it, especially with two professional, studio musicians behind me, Steve Quinzy on the keyboard and Mitch Farber on the guitar, plus my friend Jack on the drums. (He is an amateur, but he is very good.) Last Sunday I sang Chris Rice's Untitled Hymn. I have sung that one before. Tomorrow I will sing Chris Rice's Go Light Your World, a song I mentioned a week or two ago, and which Macon gracefully explicated. It will be the first time I have sung that one. His songs are very singable, and I like the way he performs them.

Tomorrow Austin Carr will preach. I shouldn't say that the bench is not that deep with Austin up there. (I was referring to myself.) Austin is a Florida Bar Board Certified Trial Lawyer, and leads our Friday morning breakfast Bible studies. We have been forever on Job, going on two years. Austin is fascinated with that book. Sometimes I would like to move on. It is trying my patience. (That's a little joke. Let me know if you don't get it.) I'm looking forward to hearing him tomorrow.

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