Sunday, June 04, 2006

Good Listening at

I've been holed up a bit this weekend with migraine-related difficulties; yesterday I didn't have much of a headache, but had seriously blurred vision. I couldn't really read or watch anything, so I started to do some listening to online talks at For those who don't know, Veritas is a sort of Christian lecture series that happens at various university campuses around the country. I think Oz Guiness and Ravi Zacharias were instrumental in its founding. Lots of great people take part in this series.

I listened to a talk by Don Miller (well known these days in 20-something circles for the uber post-modern Blue Like Jazz); this was basically the same talk he gave at Davidson last year and which I had already heard a recording of; it's worth listenting too--nothing too deep, but offers good insight into the post-modern condition, I'd say; I'd be interested in what the older generation thought of his musings.)

I listened to a talk by Frederica Matthews-Greene, which was very good, but led to a momentary personal crisis regarding my failure to have gotten married thus far in my life (Frederica promotes getting married as soon as possible--something that I'd happily do if there were an eligible bachelor around; the personal crisis was exacerbated, I'm sure, by the migraine narcotics I was hyped up on).

Then I listened to two slightly longish and slightly rambling talks by Fr. Neuhaus--but really, is there anyone better to listen to ramble? I don't think so. I was happy to reflect, too, that he is not married.

Anyway, if you're planning any summer roadtrips or find yourself unable to see clearly, you should consider downloading some of these lectures. Interesting stuff.

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