Monday, June 19, 2006

FT on Superman and other Current or Impending Entertainments. First Things has a post on the entertainment world by one Anthony Sacramone. He's got wit! So check out the piece he posted today (June 19) after the post by Fr. Neuhaus on the Episcopal Church's continuing and successful efforts to destroy itself. Here's a quote from Sacramone's post concerning Superman.

"In case you don’t subscribe to Trailers on Demand from your local cable service, another Superman movie is set to be released this summer, for reasons that elude everyone. What’s of passing interest, though, is that some people think Superman is really about Jesus, which would have come as a great surprise to Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster, Superman’s creators, both of whom were Jewish. I know there’s a long history of baptizing things not-Christian so that they can be embraced by Christians without fear of apostasy, blasphemy, idolatry, sorcery, and a whole host of other “-y” things. But before this gets completely out of hand: Iphigenia—not Jesus. Neo in The Matrix—not Jesus. Harry Potter—not Jesus. Garfield—not Jesus. Aslan of Narnia . . . All right, you got me on that one. For a fascinating exploration of what some people think they see in works of literature that no one else seems to see, Alan Jacobs has written “The Code Breakers,” an opinion piece that will grace the pages of First Things’ Aug/Sept. issue, available in July. (I’m only telling you now so that those of you deprived of a subscription can break out the chaise longues in front of those Barnes & Noble magazine racks to make sure you’re first in line to grab one. But be nice—no pushing!)"

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