Tuesday, June 27, 2006

We Cancelled our Subscription to the Miami Herald Months Ago. Any questions?

UPDATE: The link was to a nasty Morin political cartoon. Morin is the Herald's editorial cartoonist. If you tried the link recently, you will see that the Herald asks you to register, even if you have registered before. My guess is that this new or renewed interest in its web-subscribers is a result of the buy-out of Knight-Ridder, the Herald's parent company, by McClatchy. Maybe McClatchy will require an upgrade of the site, which cannot hurt. One hopes that this change will be good for the Herald generally. In reading about the acquisition in the Herald (yes, I confess, I read the one at the office), the "journalists" who write for the Herald allege that McClatchy has a "hands-off" approach to the "news" vs. "business" end of the newspaper business. Oh, I hope not.

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