Friday, June 23, 2006

Immediate Job Opening! "Campus Life" staff at Coral Gables Sr. High School for Greater Miami Youth for Christ. This is one of the better high schools in the Miami-Dade Public School District. One must raise his or her own support. However, it is just down the street from Granada Presbyterian Church (PCA) which will provide financial and practical support. (I know the minister - a super guy). Granada PC sees the high school as within the orbit of its evangelical responsibilities, so its people are anxious to get a Campus Life ministry started. A local foundation will also help with support for at least the first three years. And the staff person can live at our house until she or he gets oriented (free meals there too). Of course, a love of high schoolers and for the work of the Lord through evangelism and discipleship, together with the appropriate gifts, is a must.

Contact me or the executive director, Andy McDaniel (305) 796-9880.

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