Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Fantastic Deals!

On a bit of a light note:

I decided on a whim today to go and look at "Big Boy" furniture for Aidan at the Pottery Barn outlet about 30 minutes south of us in San Marcos. What a great thing that I did. I was able to buy $1500 worth of furniture for $313!!!!

Crazy!!! What a steal! I got a very cute headboard with stars in it and a dresser. The dresser in the picture is a honey wood color, but the one I got is red. It will be very cute with the motorcycle bedding that I got via the internet.

I don't know if anyone else out there gets as excited as I do about finding such excellent deals on quality items that you would otherwise not even consider buying, but I thought this was very fun! Let's hear it for outlet malls! Hip Hip Hooray!

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