Thursday, August 24, 2006

Public Speaking?

This year at RVA, in addition to four Junior English classes, I will also be teaching a "term length" course. This term it will be 12 weeks on "Public Speaking." I have never taught such a course before, nor have I ever taken a speech or public speaking-type course. I do on occassion speak in public, though my parents would probably tell you that I often do this too quickly and not clearly enough (I haven't had any complaints from my students to this effect, however).

Anyway, I would like to solicit the public's advice on what to include in such a course. I've got some books and some stuff to work with, but would appreciate any thoughts or recommendations you might have. Perhaps you've taken such a course before and remember what was particularly good or not so good about it. Perhaps you consider yourself an accomplished public speaker and have salient advice to offer young students. Whatever advice you might offer would be great (beyond the usual "don't say uh, like, and stuff, sort of...").


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