Sunday, August 13, 2006

Upgrading Dove Ave: a Report. The building boom having peaked about two months ago in Miami, more workers have become available to our contractor and we have seen a quickening of the pace of our renovations, which renovations commenced about three weeks after Mary entered junior high (or it feels that way). The roof is on and all the windows are in. We expect that the workers will break through the south wall of the kitchen early this week, and, anticipating that, we have removed the appliances that we will keep, and they are sitting in the living room. (We are now using mostly paper plates and a microwave we bought for the occasion, our regular one being built into one of the units we removed.) As I watched the Dolphins/Jaguar game last night, Carol was on the internet picking out the new toilet. (Yes, it was Saturday night. No, the honeymoon is not over. Now and then it takes time off.) I have started to get excited about the new bedroom, because we plan to move to it the Voice of Miami Springs (that is, amateur radio station K4JSU) from Mary's room. The radio shack will be far enough away from our bedroom that I can get on early in the morning and not disturb Carol.

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