Saturday, August 12, 2006

God Protects Babies, Drunks, and Incompetent Dads. The accompanying photo, taken June 28, shows the back of a U-Haul trailer parked in front of the house of my sister in law, Mary Ann. As you can see, the trailer's door, a sort of roll-top affair that pulls down from the top like a garage door, is open. You can see that the trailer is packed. It is packed full of Mary's possessions, and we are in front of Mary Ann's house in Greensboro after driving there from Winston-Salem, a trip of 20 miles or so over six lane superhighways. You are probably wondering what I am doing in the photo (No, I am not trying to figure out why I can't pull my shorts all the way up to my armpits, despite my best efforts). I am praying. I am giving thanks to the Lord for saving us from an utter disaster. I had forgotten to pull the door down when we finished packing in Winston-Salem. We drove the entire way with the back of the trailer completely open, just as you see it!

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