Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Israel and Hezbollah. Mort Zuckerman is the only one who sits on screen-left of the McLaughlin Group who has ever made any sense to me. That is, he seems to inhabit the real world, although he is not a conservative. He writes the end of issue editorial for US News & World Report, to which my mother subscribes; she occasionally gives the magazine to me when she finishes. (The August 14-21, 2006, issue with a picture of George Washington on the cover is particularly interesting, as it contains many articles, some short and some a little longer, on "Who Was Really First?" The article on who discovered DNA will make you mad, especially if you are a woman.)

Zuckerman writes a winning editorial on Israel and Hezbollah, dense with an account of recent history, a discipline to which the post-modernist elite gives no credance.

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