Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Keeping (Getting)the Extra Weight Off. Sean is working on his weight issues, and that's a good thing. I continue to struggle myself, and still go to Weight Watcher's as often as I can. (I'm still about 7 pounds above my target weight of 155. I achieved that goal early last year and become a "lifetime" WW member, but then I slid off. It is definitely not easy.)

One of the myths of weight control is that it can be dealt with through exercise. There is a lawyer who works in the firm across from ours who is about six feet tall and must weigh 280 pounds or more. (He looks like a blown up balloon.) He frequently climbs the stairway to our floor (the 17th floor). I often see him huffing and puffing, but obviously proud of himself, as he finishes one of these treks. One of these days we will find him dead in the stairwell with a heart attack. He obviously doesn't get it. Exercise is part of a weight loss/weight maintenance/healthy life program, but it is not a substitute for it. You would be amazed how much exercise it takes to burn a calorie.

Here's a link with some good ideas that Kathy Michelson, our WW person, sent to the folks in her group.

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