Thursday, September 28, 2006

Web2.0 blabidyblah
I've been trying to think of a description for a company that does the following:
-- manufactures books
-- sells said books only using the internet (e.g. not through a book distributor)
-- provides content of said books online, perhaps for free, perhaps for sale, perhaps some combination thereof
-- provides other digital content related to said books content, like CDs, DVDs, Video, both physical and downloadable
-- perhaps provides forum space for the discussion of said content

Is this a publisher? Maybe, but that doesn't seem to me to connote the production of CDs/DVDs/Other Digital items.

Is this a production company? Maybe, but that doesn't seem to capture the text/book manufacturing aspect.

Is this a Digital Content Company/Group? Perhaps, but that doesn't quite get at the physical thing manufacturing/distribution part of it.

Just a "Content" group/house? Ok, maybe. But, that seems better only because it's so vague.

Is this a Media Company? Or a Media Production Company? Maybe, but "media" can connote "News" as well and that seems confusing.

Any thoughts? Do you like one of these above? Does something else come to mind?

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