Sunday, June 10, 2007

Candidates' Religious Affiliation

Sean credits Brad with finding this link that runs down the religious affiliations of the Presidential candidates. They are fun to consider:

1. Isn't Hillary's response just so predictable?

2. I liked the honesty of Kucinich's response. I like him too. Not as a President, but as to what I perceive to be his character.

3. Don't you think Giuliani's response is just a little testy? And how is God these days, Rudy?

4. Some mixed religious practices here. Brownback is a Catholic in the AM and an Evangelical in the evening. And McCain too. A Baptist Episcopalian. Do you think its the drinking-in-public thing? Do you think that if the Baptists came on out of the alcohol closet they would pick up thousands of Episcopalians? I think so. Drop the grape juice, guys. Let's have some wine!

5. Boy, the Methodists are all over the block. We have Edwards and we have have Gilmore. But the Methodists have always been all over the block.

6. Obama is UCC. "Unitarians Considering Christianity", I've heard it said.

7. Tancredo is a Presbyterian. I'm so embarrassed.

8. Fred? Fred?

9. Romney. The article says all of the candidates are Christians. The AP, then, has decided the question of whether Mormons are Christians. I'm glad we settled that. If Romney's candidacy does nothing else, he has scored a victory for the Mormons. They are finally seen as one of us. At least by the AP.

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Macon said...

Of course, the AP also only sees "freedom fighters."

I think they might have a vision problem.