Sunday, June 03, 2007

Is Something Up in Hollywood?

Ann Althouse comments on two "date flicks" where abortion is rejected as a solution to the problem.

Carol and I saw Spiderman 3 last night. Unlike Superman Returns, where patriotic references are pared (Truth, Justice, but no American Way), there is a quick scene with Spiderman swinging in front of a large American flag (although it would be easy to edit that one second shot out of international editions of the movie). The vengence-is-bad, forgiveness-is-good theme is very prominent and the deus-ex-machina solution to the evil black stuff takes place in the bell tower of a church. Moreover, even though this is the third movie, we don't see MJ and Peter in bed, it's simply a kiss that causes the main romantic complication. Finally, Peter's aunt gives a theory of marriage under which the husband is to put the wife first (as Christ loved the Church?).

What's going on?


Macon said...

Walter saw "knocked up" this weekend. Walt, care to comment? Perhaps post?

Walter said...

well, it was very much pro-family, in a very raunchy sort of way. Abortion was not an option, and responsibility and commitment were the celebrated virtues. The married couple that was a foil for the main characters had their difficulties, but their relationship was definitely affirmed in the end.

It was really raunchy, though. At the same time, the characters were not inconsistent with themselves - about a third of the characters were pot-smoking, dropout wannabees, and they behaved appropriately. And the movie was about such a guy stepping up and taking responsibility.

Having said all that, I would be remiss not to remind you that it is crazy raunchy.

Walter said...

I just read that Althouse post and someone had this comment:

"I was amused by the local review: With "Virgin" and "Knocked Up," Apatow has confirmed he is the master of a new cinematic subgenre, the Filthy Feel-Good Comedy. In his hands, decency always prevails, even if half of his characters are porn addicts."

Would that I'd said it so well. Freaks and Geeks is Judd Apatow greatness without the filth factor, so it's probably a good place to start.

Paul Stokes said...

When Carol and I were at the show Saturday night, there was a queue lining up for the next "Knocked-up" show. There were a number of children in the line. Sigh.

Walter said...

yeah. I got called out by Macon - I wasn't going to post anything on it. Don't take my comment as an endorsement. It's not worth seeing, but it's an interesting phenomenon.

But it's raining in my heart! said...

As regards to Spidy 3 - I liked it, but what provoked my thinking the most was the reference to "evil needing a host". Connect the dots to "God/Jesus" needs a host too. The concept is not knew, but the wording was very visual for me.