Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hello on Sunday.

Obama is a Bible reader.

Phoebe's portrait.

Build your own computer for $72? Sounds like fun!

The case against cardio.

Flash Gordan Conquers the Universe!
John Williams has nothing on Franz Liszt, and other similarities. CW is one of the advanced technologies exhibited in this masterpiece. Plus one of the deepest thoughts ever affirmed on the silver screen: "There is no power in the universe powerful enough to destroy human thought." And don't you think that Buster Crabbe could be Billy Graham's uncle?

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Paul Stokes said...

Carol thought that I was perhaps serious about the Obama reference. I wasn't. In the article to which I link, he says something like, "In the Bible I read . . . ", and then takes off on a diatribe against "the religious right". His thesis is that true Christianity is not divisive, but that the "religious right" is divisive. I am not sure whether the use of the phrase "religious right" is very helpful. But I do think true Christianity is divisive, and Jesus is rather outspoken about this. The "Islamists" have it right about Christianity, even if Barack does not. They recognize Christians as a huge obstacle to realizing their ambitions.