Sunday, June 10, 2007

Obscure (to me) but Interesting (to me) Christian Things

I'm calling out Macon to comment on Robert's post here.


Macon said...

I commented! It's got to get approved, though. So it might not be up for a while. :-)

robert austell said...

what, you think i'm slow or something?

robert austell said...

and to follow up, macon, i react to "missional" in the way you seem to - as we said when i was a kid, "duh!" it's just being christian, speaking and living the gospel. but it's definitely the buzzword in conservative pcusa circles right now. my reaction is, "i didn't know there was another way to be."

in fact, the theme of my blog (lighthouse/searchlight) is the metaphor i've been using at good shepherd to help the congregation see and run after what it means to be bearers of the light of Christ. i just figured out recently that i was already being "missional" what my pcusa colleagues are buzzing about.

thanks for commenting (even if your dad "called you out")... i'm honored. :)