Sunday, June 24, 2007


Sean keeps an eye on Kelly's blog, which is worth keeping an eye on. Sean points to Kelly's post on the updated American Film Institute's new top 100 "American" movies. It looks like political correctness is alive and well at the AFI.

I like Kelly's comments. For example, I couldn't agree more with his comment on Saving Private Ryan. But his comment on Gone With the Wind shouts "Yankee! Yankee! Yankee!" But some of my best friends are Yankees.


Sean Meade said...

i'm with Kelly. i *hated* GWtW.

of course, i'm also a Yankee (if Iowans count as Yankees)

Paul Stokes said...

Yes, Iowans obviously count as Yankees. ;)

Reel Fanatic said...

I love those lists simply because they're so fun to tear apart ... I tried to submit the movie "City of God" by Fernando Meirelles, but it of course didn't make the cut

Paul Stokes said...

Welcome, RF. City of God was intensely interesting and disturbing. It should definitely make the cut.